American writer Artie Knapp is the author of over 40 published children's literature works that includes

books, videos, stories and poems. In Asia, HarperCollins, Orient BlackSwan, Oxford University Press,

and Pearson Education have published many of his children’s stories in course-books that are used

throughout India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. In Japan, The Chart Institute

has used Artie’s work for the National Center Test for high school seniors. Additionally, Artie’s stories

have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, as well as online publications. He is a

two-time nominee for the Green Earth Book Award for his books Living Green: A Turtle’s Quest for a

Cleaner Planet, and Little Otter Learns to Swim, the latter of which is the first fictional children’s book

published by Ohio’s oldest and largest scholarly press, Ohio University Press. His most well-known work,

Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand, was originally published by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Speech

Pathology Department, which is the largest such program in the United States. The book which tells of

how a squirrel, Stanley, overcomes being teased and bullied about his stuttering, is endorsed by the

International Stuttering Association. Artie is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and

Illustrators, and graduated from Ohio University. He lives outside of Cincinnati.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. In addition to updates on my published work, this site also lists upcoming events and appearances. 


Writing children’s literature brings me more enjoyment than any other genre of writing. An underlying consistency in my work is my use of humor. I can think of no better way to enhance a child’s interest in reading than by making them laugh. I hope that I do both.

Artie Knapp

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