Disability advocate and fellow children’s author Tabitha Page has created a new resource called Forevability. The site aims to make it easy to find books, podcasts and more which focus on disability, illness and other specialized subjects. I am honored to have my work included on this important site. Thank you, Tabitha!

A new audio production of my children’s story The Rooster That Wouldn’t Crow is now out. The story was originally published in 2006 by the Detroit Free Press’ Yak’s Corner Magazine. I am indebted to the talented actors who brought the story to life. I hope that you enjoy it.


The Rooster That Wouldn’t Crow - A story about individuality and a rooster's right to fall in love with whomever he chooses.




Narrator – Alessandro Cima

Toby – Eric Knudsen

Peter Harpole – Don Smith

Mrs. Harpole & Paula the Hen – Christine Jones

Annie & Ellie – Kristen Erdman

Edited by Sachin Kumar

Music by Valentin Sosnitskiy

My story Getting to Know Ronnie: A Story About Autism was released in a new video. Originally published by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in a newsletter, the story introduces young students to some of the characteristics of Autism. Brought to you by Asher's Day and the New Jersey Literacy Association. 


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