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"Artie Knapp’s heartwarming tale in rhyme celebrates the busyness of a mammal’s life in a river. Jump in and enjoy the fun!"

J. Patrick Lewis 

Former U.S. Children's Poet Laureate

“This is a great resource for early elementary school projects and story time.”

Resource Links, Canada's national journal 

“Charmingly written by children's author Artie Knapp and beautifully illustrated by wildlife artist Guy Hobbs, "Little Otter Learns to Swim," is certain to be an immediate and enduring popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Animal/Wildlife picture book collections for children.” Midwest Book Review

"A captivating and engaging story for children, whether read aloud by an adult, or as a standalone.View from a Zoo sends a brilliant message to young readers, 3 and up, that the adventures in reading truly can open doors to the best adventures of all time."

San Francisco Book Review


"View from a Zoo is a fantastic creative story with a timeless message for children who complain of not enough to do: Read books! Charming detailed illustrations show all the contrasting settings of city life indoors and out for Thea and her friends. View from a Zoo is highly recommended for children age 6 and up." Midwest Book Review


"With the holidays in full swing now, “View from a Zoo” written by Artie Knapp and illustrated by Sunayna Nair Kanjilal, makes for a sweet, seasonal read for the youngest reader." Star-Ledger – 



“Otters have always seemed to me the most magical of creatures—graceful, playful, but elusive. Little Otter Learns to Swim confirms my opinion with superb illustrations and engaging text. While otters are the main focus of the story, each illustration shows other animals that are part of otters’ natural habitat. Facts about river otters and efforts to help protect them follows this beautifully illustrated story.”

Mary Azarian, Caldecott medalist 

"Little Otter Learns to Swim, the new book by Artie Knapp, is sure to become a favorite for readers of all ages.  This beautifully written and illustrated (Guy Hobbs) book takes readers through the exciting learning, which Little Otter experiences with her mother. From swimming and floating to figuring out which forest dwellers are friends and which are foes, readers gain an insight into an otter’s life. Even better, at the end, there is a list of interesting facts about river otters to help you answer the many questions your youngster will undoubtedly ask. Little Otter Learns to Swim is the new must-have for your student’s bookshelf!" 

The New Jersey Literacy Association 

Thurman Goes Green.JPG

"Thurman the Turtle is the new green hero for this creative new children’s book that inspires kids everywhere to take part in environmental cleanup and reducing their carbon footprints and learning to live green. “Living Green” is designed to be enjoyed by children ages 5-10. The cheery, bright illustrations underline the invigorating message of the indefatigable Thurman." Midwest Book Review


"This charming story, complete with wonderful full-page illustrations is sure to teach kid’s about their own responsibility when it comes to protecting their environment. The relatable characters and colorful illustrations will spark children’s imaginations to see what they can do to help the planet."


"Thurman the turtle is a good mentor to help kids want a cleaner planet!" The Albuquerque Journal



From the foreword: "On behalf of Yak’s Corner, we would like to express thanks to Artie Knapp for allowing us to publish five of his delightful animal tales in our magazine. Our young readers benefited from his use of humor to gently deliver messages about following your heart, respecting differences, pursuing your dream, conquering your fears, and being true to yourself."  Detroit Media Partnership, a Gannett Co.

"Highly recommended is Artie Knapp’s anthology “Yak’s Corner: Children’s Stories”, featuring a selection of animal-character stories originally published by the Detroit Free Press’ Yak’s Corner magazine for students ages 6-13." Midwest Book Review

"Charming woodland creatures and an adventures plot with heart and a solid moral distinguish this excellent book for teaching children about stuttering, whether they personally have a problem with it or not." 

Midwest Book Review



"The plot unfolds smartly over 30 pages, complete with conflict, intrigue, rascality, love, friendship, humor and a resolution that surprises and satisfies. Knapp’s story will give courage to children who stutter, reassuring them that they have a valuable voice that others should hear. It also will help children who do not stutter become more understanding." Tampa Bay Times

"This collection of endearing tales is a must-have! Follow the fun cast of characters through each clever and entertaining story. They teach valuable lessons in a humorous, light-hearted way." 

Newspapers in Education Manager, The Cincinnati Enquirer 

"Mr. Knapp writes a wonderful tale of friendship, building self-esteem and the understanding of others with disabilities. This children’s book is about a squirrel who stutters and how his disability affects his life and those around him.  Stuttering Stan learns that friendship, understanding and self-respect are important for everyone.  This book should be read by all children and adults alike to reaffirm those important life lessons that Stan’s story brings to the forefront." 

The National Stuttering Association


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